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Vickie Wyman Broker/Owner

My goal is to let you know a little about who I am and of course what I do. Obviously I am a New Hampshire & Vermont REALTOR® but I am also a mother and grandmother. I have 5 awesome grandchildren, 3 boys and 2 girls.  I am a lover of all things nature and often am "that person" who has stopped along the way to capture that perfect photo.

I also love animals and have most recently adopted a southern boy who is a Great Dane mix named Thomas. 

MY Passions in Life

My Passions in life besides my family and being a REALTOR® include auto racing, riding my Harley, kayaking, fishing, and snowshoeing. So while I work full time in real estate, and own my own firm All Access Real Estate right here in Woodsville NH, I have a wonderful personal life and enjoy all the wonderful things living in New Hampshire has to offer.

me and my harley 

Where in the world is Woodsville NH

I find that wherever I go people will ask “Where is Woodsville?” so I thought it wise to let you know where it is. Woodsville is a village located within the town of Haverhill New Hampshire, which is located on the Central-Western Edge bordering the Connecticut River. Woodsville NH is known as the business district of Haverhill and although it is a small community one will find it easy to access all your needs within the village.

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Why I Love living and working here

I love living and working in the Woodsville area because life is simple, fresh and I can venture with my dog at night and not worry.

I can’t imagine working someplace that I don’t like so setting up my office in a town and community that I know well was a natural thing to do. I love real estate and hope someday I can help you with all your real estate needs

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